Saturday, January 29, 2011

We're leaving South Australia for ten whole months...

   After an extremely hectic, social, and manually labourious - thank you Mr and Mrs Horn - week in Mount Gambier we are heading into the great unknown...well, partly great unknown as we have travelled this route many times but have yet to take our time exploring and un-hastening through it. (Yes, grammer nuts, I made up at least two words so far but needs must.)
   Yes, the travelling Woodleys are at a beautiful grassious partly shady partly sunny rivermouth campsite at twenty dollars a week - the Fitzroy River Reserve just past Tyrendarra, which is just past Portland. 
   And as I only have three minutes remaining of battery power I am keen to assure you that photos are coming, a recollection of January is coming, a reasoning behind the name of the blog is coming, and our blog will have links that work (thank you Mr Nitschke for enquiring!)
   Signing off to enjoy the sound of the waves, fresh night air, and decaf plunger (sorry to offend your sensibilities, Mr Rasmussen).
   Be seeing you in a week, world wide web.


  1. Hi Gal~!! SOo great to see your smiling faces again. Just looooved the photos. Very pretty backdrops too. Nothing like nature. Hope that this finds you keeping well and enjoying your home away from home. We miss ya'll . How's the homeschooling going? Chris and Caitlynn started back to school today. As you can imagine Caity was soooo excited~! Anyhoo. I best be gettin off here. Love to all~ Amy

  2. Great to read about your un-hastening trip. Superb photos. Love, Lesley

  3. Well Amy,

    We're doing a (very) little bit of formal homeschooling at the moment - too much real life going on! Missing you and the Bible Study mums...

    Blessings, Renee

  4. Renee, you dill, GRAMMAR, not grammer that's like a child's version of grandma!! Love Dad

  5. Thanks Dad, guess I need to brush up on my own grammEr iiv lernt miy leson!