Saturday, March 12, 2011

We're explaining the way that blogs work in ten easy steps...

   Bahahahahahahahahahaha!!! And this explaining is coming from someone who is a 'nanna' on the internet (yes, thank you for that compliment, Mr Lambert!).

   Well, really, just explaining the quirks peculiar to the travelling Woodleys blogging format...

First - sorry if you can't read the title font but too bad I like it! 

Secondly - sorry if you can't read the blue of the links - I'm working on correcting that. 
{updated and hopefully fixed on June the sixth...} 
{then re-tweeked on June the twenty third...}

Third of all - the orange text in the posts doesn't lead anywhere, it's just me being artistic. 

Fourth - any blue text (except this one!) does lead somewhere - just click and find out. 

Fifth of all - the red links under the title of the blog lead to various stand alone pages which you cannot comment on (not sure why - but ask Mr Lambert - I'm sure he could inform you!). 

Sixthly - to comment on the posts themselves click on the blue '0 of you chipped in' at the end of each section (and log on as Anonymous if you don't want to sign up to Google Blooger, then just sign your name at the bottom of your comment if you want us to know who you are)

Seventh - to receive notice of any new posts, click on the 'follow' button to the right and you will become a 'follower' - only if you want to, many may not want to be bothered by the travelling Woodleys that regularly! 

Eighthly - click on anything under 'What have we here?...' and 'Nostalgia...' or enter a topic into 'Seek and find...' on the right to look at a date or topic in particular. 

Ninth of all - if you want to see the photos up close just click on them. 

Tenth and last - for more fun, hover your mouse about and click on anything that is highlighted... and if all else fails click the back arrow (top left of your screen) or ask someone who knows (thank you, Mr Lambert and Mr S. Woodley)...or run away quickly before your computer self-destructs...

(below... laptoping Travelling Woodeys style at Johanna Beach)


  1. First: it is rather scary the way you resemble your dad (first comment); second: it is rather scary the way you resemble your mum (first comment); third, photos are fantastic; fourth, I want to hear about your time with my rellies in Tassi; fifth; Shazza says Hi to Issy (and everyone else); six: can't be bothered with 7, 8, 9, and 10,love Dad

  2. First - it shouldn't be any surprise that I take after you and Mum; Second of all - Tassie rellie stories are still coming; Thirdly (and last for now) - Issy and Aravis say Hi back to Shaz!