Sunday, April 17, 2011

We're back in the land of Bean (or how I got my blogging fervour back - Part Two written first)...

   Here the travelling Woodleys are again with Grumpsy and Oma, 
in Seaspray...

...and as you know we are serious about our food so here's 
(some of) our supplies for the week...

   So how did I recover from falling off the blogging wagon? Part One and the real reason will be revealed soon; but in the meantime here is the extra motivation (or Part Two told to you first)...

   In one night of card playing with Mr and Mrs Bean all of the following is heard...

'If we're going to be active, then let's be active, so when we're not active we can not be active'
(Grumpsy; on getting annoyed at us procrastinating starting playing, while he is considering going to bed yet or not)

(as we start the game)
'We're going to have grace with people this time'
Grumps to Oma: 'People, sure...but what about you?'
Oma: 'I'm a person too!'

Oma licking the chocolate crumbs from the bowl (I have told you how we love our food) 'Ooh, I hurt my tongue muscle'

'Oh right, you just take three or four hours on your shot, the rest of us will worry about the world'
(Grumps; when Oma is deliberating too long on her next card to play)

Oma: 'I wouldn't have done it that way'
Grumps: 'Well, you're you and I'm me and never the twain shall meet!'

'Creativity is a trait that you should respect and appreciate and acknowledge and encourage'
(Grumps: when he and I completely changed how we were playing the game in a way that made it impossible to win but upped the fun factor particularly at the late hour that it was)

[disclaimer: if none of you find this funny, I did - so too bad!]

Postscript: like Mama, like daughter...

Aah, Seaspray...
(welcome back, world wide web)


  1. Lazarus came 'forth on the 'fourth' day or after the 'third' person?!
    It's great being with you all again and playing lots with the children. Thanks for sharing your week with us.
    Love Oma.

  2. oops - you missed the ' after forth... log / speck...

    hehehe, Renee

  3. What a fun must have a very clever 'wordy' family :) and LOVE the photography at the start of the've captured nature so perfectly xx

  4. You have BEAN having fun! GREAT!