Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We're having a mind block at the moment...


   Stuck at the moment for inspiriation, motivation, something-or-other-ation so...

   Here's the travelling Woodley's supremely funny children...

Levente: 'Will a mirror still mirror if no one is there?' 
(out of the mouths of babes and etc...)

(photo by my little sister Mrs Quast)

Trinity counting through ordinates: 
'First, second... forth, fifth - what did I miss, Issy?'
Issy: 'Three-th'
Mama: 'No, you say third, Issy'
Issy: 'No, I say three-th'

(Issy on the jumping pillow at the caravan park in Doncaster)

(Trinity attempting to get on the slightly antsy horse at 
cousin Schroeder's farm)

(isn't he the cutiest cutie ever...P.S. with the squealiest squeal ever!!)

   So, world wide web... I'm signing off until my blogging flow comes back...

   Meanwhile back on the farm...   


  1. Don't worry about the mind block since your photos are telling the story. Sounds like you are beginning to really chill out. Love, Lesley

  2. Thats gorgeous...thinking outside the square is a gift :)

  3. Thanks Leslie and Cynthia (and all our other on-commenting readers!),

    I think the mind block has gone, washed away by a miracle day that I will be writing about in a day or two...

    Blessings, Renee