Saturday, July 2, 2011

We're sure that you're amped to find out where Nick has been surfing...

   For those of you on the world wide web who are hanging to know the low down on the surf situation (and I have been promising it for a while), here it is...

   In the first four months, Nick surfed a total of four times - that is an average of once a month(!) - quite a surfing drought...

...near Kennett River twice (at Cumberland River)

...near Ocean Grove (at Bancoura)

[sorry no photos!]

...near St Andrews (at Gunnamatta)

   But then twelve surfs in the next two months gave him an average of one and a half surfs per week - not bad, not bad at all...

...near Eden twice (at Main Beach)

...near Broulee twice (at unknown!)
                                                           {and Renee surfed at Rosedale)

...near Woonona (at unknown again!)

...near Anna Bay (at Samurai)

...near Seal Rocks twice (at Number One Beach)

This is Nick... 

...and so is this!  


...near Coffs Harbour twice (at Parkies and Diggers)

...on the Gold Coast twice (at D'bah)


{disclaimer - not many actual shots of Nick surfing, and occasionally the surf shots are not exactly the break mentioned... that's what comes of having four kids and being unable to spend copious amounts of leisure time watching and photographing the man on the waves}

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  1. They are great shots whether or not they were your man. There won't be too many waves north of Rockhampton so best make waves while you can!
    love, Lesley